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Terms Of Service

By utilizing, getting to or perusing the CashPapa Finance Inc. website, portable application, or other related computerized medium or media (each and all in all the “Site”), you imply that you have perused and comprehended these Terms of Service and consent to be bound by the equivalent. Upon your utilization of the Site, these Terms of Service will be an authoritative understanding among you and CashPapa Finance Inc. (the “Organization”). In the event that you don’t concur, don’t completely comprehend or have reservations regarding any arrangement of these Terms of Service, it would be ideal if you leave this Site.


This website is proposed exclusively for access by:

  • An individual in any event eighteen (18) years old, in great credit standing, and has the legitimate ability to go into authoritative understandings, explicitly the availment of products as well as services offered in this Office; or
  • An enterprise, branch office, or organization enrolled and on favorable terms with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has a changeless spot of business in the Philippines, and is appropriately spoken to by its assigned record holder properly approved to contract or reserve credits for its benefit.

By opening and running an account with this website, you attest and warrant that you have at any rate, one of the prior qualification prerequisites, (a) on account of a Bank or Borrower, and (b) if there should be an occurrence of a Loan specialist. You, in like manner, explicitly approve the Organization to utilize every single vital intend to check your character (such as sharing data, individual and non-individual, you have given) with any outsider specialist co-op and additionally data controller.

Registration And Application

By opening an account or applying to be a borrower or loan specialist, you consent to give the genuine, current, complete and precise data about yourself in the enlistment or application structure, which is fundamental for motivations behind benefiting administrations under the Office. On the off chance that any data you give is false, incorrect, not current, or fragmented, we have the authority to drop your enlistment, dismiss any application you have submitted, and limit your future utilization of this Site and our items and administrations. The Organization additionally maintains all authority to dismiss any enlistment, deny access to the Site as well as decrease any advance application or support by a moneylender disregarding these Terms of Administration.

Before enlistment and utilization of this Site, it is significant for you to realize that the services will be offered once you consent to reveal applicable business, budgetary, and value-based data which might be acquired by the Organization, in your place, from every important source (outsiders, government offices, specialist organizations, among others) in your place and compatible with your guidance and approval.

Authorization/Special Power Of Attorney

You thus approve and assign the Office, as your approved agent and lawyer in-certainty to ask for, acquire, get and hold all personal data held and kept by outsiders about you, your own data, your exchanges and connections, and some other data you may have unveiled or shared to such information controllers (“Outsiders”). The outsiders include, but not limited to, Robinsons Bank Corporation, Cebu Air, Inc. and Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. The data got from the Outsiders, will be incorporated as a component of your profile in this Site, to furnish you with the suitable services, building and assurance of your credit score, credit profile, record, moneylender or borrower profile and history, or such other data and profiling. This is important and alluring in the evaluation of your support in the Site as a creditor or debtor.

Without constraining the abovementioned, this approval incorporates the guidance for the Office to acquire the accompanying data from Outsiders at the hour of enrollment, and occasionally from there on:

  • Full Name
  • Employee ID
  • Employee Address(s)
  • Birthday
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Office Email
  • Personal Email
  • Company Mobile Phone No.
  • Personal Mobile Phone No.
  • Company Identifier – Partner ID
  • Company Name
  • Onboard Date
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Account Name
  • Bank Account Number
  • Loan History
  • Purchase History

For each credit application, your approval incorporates the guidance for the Office to acquire the accompanying data from the Outsiders:

  • Gross Pay, if employed by another company
  • Net Pay, if employed by another company
  • Years in Organization, if employed by another company
  • Level/Position (Supervisor, Executive, and so forth), if employed by another company
  • Credit records and status

By tapping the “Sign and Submit” button underneath, you therefore affirm that you thusly approve and assign the Office, as your approved delegate and lawyer in-certainty to ask for, get, and hold all close to home data held and kept by the Outsiders, to be incorporated as a major aspect of your profile in this Site, to give you the fitting administrations, improvement and assurance of your FICO assessment, credit profile, record of loan repayment, moneylender or borrower profile and history, or such other data and profiling which is fundamental and alluring in the evaluation of your cooperation in the Site as a bank or borrower. You thus further approve the Office to join, combine or intermix your own data got from the Outsiders with data that you’ve given in this Site and data that has been or will be acquired from different sources.

If you don’t mind, read and affirm that you consent to the Approval and Superior Power of a Lawyer. In the event that you don’t concur or have reservations as for any arrangement of the Approval and Superior Authority of a Lawyer, as to its extension, inclusion or reason, you can leave this Site.


You concur that the accompanying individual data (hereinafter alluded to as “Individual Data”):

  • Full name, lasting and private location, contact number/s, email address, birth date or potentially age, business data, ledger subtleties, charge card or potentially money related record data, budgetary history, exchange history, buy history and subtleties of government provided ID;
  • other data from which your personality may not be obvious or which may not sensibly and straightforwardly recognize you, for example, however not restricted to, records of your visits and data you submit when utilizing the Site;
  • information from outsiders including data acquired, upon your approval, from your bosses (“Business Data”), and exchange, money related and record of loan repayment put away by outsiders (“Exchange and Credit Data”); and
  • traffic and utilization data produced from your visits to the Site.
  • to be acquired (from you or for your benefit from different sources) upon your enrollment in this Site or upon your application to profit any of the Site’s items and administrations which will be gathered, utilized, prepared, uncovered, held, put away, and secured by the Organization as per the privacy policy and these terms and conditions:
  • The Individual Data might be gathered through the accompanying methods: cookies, flash cookies, general log data, data got from your manager, data gathered from your service providers, data gathered from outsider credit departments, credit consolidators and referral data from outsider sites.
  • The Individual Data might be unveiled to the accompanying: (a) the Organization’s associates and auxiliaries, operators (counting gathering offices), and subcontractors, which are essential for the conduct of the Organization’s business and on a need-to-know basis; (b) The moneylenders as for Individual Data of borrowers, and the borrowers regarding Individual Data of the moneylenders; (c) outsider providers who require the data to encourage credit processing, including and not constrained to the payment, transfer, credit check (credit authorities, specialist organizations, administration history, bank history, monetary history, spending history, among others), historical verification, or preparing of advance to the borrower, installments to the moneylender, operator of the bank or the borrower, move of the advance to an outsider (for example financing organization, new moneylender, fiscal expert); (d) the administration, administrative offices, and extortion anticipation offices for the reasons for recognizing, forestalling, identifying or handling misrepresentation, tax evasion, or different violations, and for other legitimate purposes; and (e) different elements as might be legally necessary or as open premium may warrant. If your Own Data is shared to any outsider for the reasons portrayed above, such sharing will be liable to an information sharing understanding or a re-appropriating understanding which will require, among others, that such outsider will undoubtedly practice a similar steadiness in the assurance of such personal Data. If you wish to hold back your consensus to any such handling or sharing, such solicitation will be considered as a warrant for the cancellation of your account and the subsequent end of your relations as per the terms and conditions of the understandings you acknowledged and executed.
  • The Organization may utilize your private Data or other web utilization information as it may require regarding the undertakings of the Organization’s business. For instance, in relation to: (I) recognizing you as user of the Webpage; (ii) reaching you in connection to your enlisted record/s or requested data; (iii) handling enrollment of your account/during the process of screening for investors, debtors, and credit applications; (iv) client profiling; (v) age of a FICO assessment; and (iv) to keep up inside records.
  • The Organization will hold your private Data for the length of your enrollment with the Site and for such a long time as you have current business and exchanges regarding the products and services you have benefited of in the Site; for the foundation, exercise or resistance of a lawful case; for authentic business purposes; or in cases legally necessary. Your private Data will be discarded securely to ensure no further handling, unapproved access, or exposure to some other gathering or people in general, or bias to your advantage.

You thus recognize that you have perused and comprehended the abovementioned and concur and agree to the assembly, use, stockpiling, handling (counting the advancement of a FICO rating and client profiling) revelation, and sharing of the data you host gave or gathered from third gatherings (freely or in your benefit), to the Organization’s members and auxiliaries, operators (counting accumulation offices), and subcontractors, including outsiders, for example, however not restricted to, a creditor, borrower, outsider buyer of a reprobate debt, outsider information processors, credit department, credit association, information aggregator, outsider specialist co-op, which you recognize and affirm is important and required for the compelling use and access of the Site and its services.

User Content

By submitting information to the website, you explicitly consent that:

  • You hold all proprietorship rights to the substance you have transferred on the Site.
  • You thus award the Organization a non-restrictive, transferable, sub-licensable, sovereignty free, world permit to utilize, duplicate, appropriate, get ready subordinate works of, show, and play out any data or substance that you furnish regarding your utilization of the Site and its administrations, subject to the security arrangements in these Terms of Administration and the privacy policy. You award the Organization the privilege to audit, erase, alter, reformat, extract, or decipher any of your data or substance.
  • You are exclusively in charge of the substance and data you make accessible through or regarding our items and administrations. The Organization won’t be at risk for any utilization or abuse of your own information by others.
  • All the data and substance posted on the Site or secretly transmitted through the Site or by means of different methods regarding the Site’s services is the sole obligation of the individual from whom that information started. The Organization won’t be in charge of any mistakes in or exclusion of any data or substance posted by a client.
  • The Organization may access and utilize the data recorded by credit reference and fraud protection offices for reasons for surveying loaning dangers and distinguishing, anticipating, identifying or handling extortion, illegal tax avoidance and different wrongdoings.

Responsibility For Account

You are exclusively in charge of keeping up the secrecy of your username, secret password, account and some other login or verification and approval data you made or gave to the Site (“One of a kind Client Certifications”). By making and keeping up your record, you consent to respect all exercises performed and commitments contracted when utilizing your account.

You concur and affirm that any utilization of your unique user credentials will consistently be deemed to be accessed by you and, if by an outsider, with your assent. All exercises or exchanges utilizing your unique user credentials will be legitimate and restricting exchanges made, submitted and performed by you.

In the event that there is an unapproved use of your account or a break of its security, you should inform the Organization of the pertinent conditions thereof right away.

Liability For Account Misuse

The Organization won’t be at risk for any misfortune that you may acquire because of another person utilizing any of your record or Exceptional Client Certifications, either with or without your insight. You could be held subject for misfortunes brought about by the Organization because of an outsider utilizing your account or exclusive personal authorizations.

Account Security

While the Organization has executed sufficient protection measures as required under the Data Privacy Act of 2012, the Organization does not give any certification or guarantee as for the equivalent. You thus recognize that you give your Own Data at your very own jeopardy.

Restrictions On Use

You consent to comply with every single material term and conditions, laws and guidelines in your utilization of the Site, its items and administrations. Furthermore, you concur that you won’t do anything that includes:

  • register for more than one account, or registering for a record in the interest of an individual other than yourself or for the benefit of any other group or entity;
  • post or generally make accessible substance, or make any move on the Site, that may comprise criticism or criticize or that encroaches or damages another person’s privileges or is ensured by any copyright or trademark, or generally disregards the law;
  • post or generally make accessible substance that in the Organization’s judgment is offensive, for example, content that is unsafe, undermining, provocative, disgusting, deceitful, obtrusive of security or exposure rights, contemptuous, or generally questionable, or which confines or represses some other individual from utilizing or getting a charge out of the Site, or which may uncover the Organization or clients of the Site to any damage or risk of any kind;
  • post or generally make accessible any spontaneous or unapproved publicizing, requesting, limited time materials, or some other type of sales;
  • use the data or substance on the Site to send undesirable messages to other users;
  • impersonate any individual or substance, or erroneously state or generally distort yourself, your age or your association with any individual or element;
  • post or generally make openly accessible on the Site any private data for monetary solicitations of any outsider;
  • solicit passwords or private identity information for business or unlawful purposes;
  • use the Site or our products and services in any way that could harm, debilitate, overburden or disable the Site;
  • harvest or gather emails or other contact data of different clients from the Site by electronic or other methods, including the utilization of computerized contents; or
  • post or generally make accessible any material that contains programming viruses or some other PC code, documents or projects intended to interfere with, devastate or limit the usefulness of the software or equipment or media communications gear.

No Warranty; Errors

The items and services on the Site are given “as seems to be” and with no portrayal or guarantee. To the furthest reaches allowed under material laws, the Organization repudiates every single such guarantee, express or inferred, including, yet not restricted to, guarantees of merchantability, qualification for a specific reason, non-encroachment, exactness, opportunity from blunders, reasonableness of substance, accessibility, installment or acknowledgment of transactions.

The Organization does not warrant the exactness, sufficiency or culmination of the data gave on the Site and explicitly disavows risk for any mistakes or oversights in such data. The Organization does not ensure and guarantee a particular outcome from utilization of the Site and its items and services.

The Organization will not be in charge of what clients post on the Site or any hostile, unseemly, revolting, unlawful or generally shocking substance transferred by different clients on the Site. The Organization isn’t in charge of the lead, regardless of whether on the web or disconnected, of any client of the Webpage or its products or services.


The Organization isn’t in charge of the exactness of the data, substance, products or services offered by, or the data practices utilized by locales connected to or from the Site. Since outsider sites may have distinctive protection strategies or potentially security principles administering their locales, we encourage you to audit the protection arrangements and terms and states of these destinations preceding giving any close to personal data.

Contracts And Authorizations

Your utilization and availment of the products and services on the Site might be adapted on your consent to specific contracts and approvals. By meaning your assent and consents in that, you and consent to be bound terms and conditions thereof and such contracts and approvals will be esteemed truly, and deliberately executed by you. Upon appeal, the Organization may provide electronic duplicates of such booklets.


The Organization may end or suspend your access to or the capacity to utilize the Site instantaneously, without earlier notice or risk, in any way, form or no reason, including a breach of the Terms of Administration.

End of your operations and utilization of the Site will not ease you from any commitments, emerging or collecting preceding before end any obligation that you generally may have to the Organization or any outsider.

Limitation Of Liability

To the furthest reaches allowed by material law, in no occasion will the Organization, its executives, officials, delegates, operators, or doles out be at risk for any immediate, exceptional, aberrant or significant harms, or some other harms of any sort, including however not restricted to loss of utilization, loss of benefits or loss of information, regardless of whether in an activity in contract, tort (counting yet not constrained to carelessness) or something else, emerging out of or in any capacity associated with the utilization of or powerlessness to utilize the Site, including, without constraint, any harms brought about by or coming about because of dependence by client on any data acquired from the Site, or that outcome from slip-ups, exclusions, intrusions, erasure of records or email, mistakes, absconds, infections, delays in activity or transmission or any disappointment of execution. You explicitly concur that your utilization of the Site is at your sole responsibility.

The Organization, its executives, officials, delegates, specialists, or doles out, will not be at risk to you for misfortune or harm of any sort which you may endure because of being an individual from the Site, aside from where such misfortune or harm emerges from our rupture of these Terms of Administration or was brought about by gross carelessness, headstrong default or misrepresentation by the Organization or workers. The Organization will likewise not be in charge of any break of these Terms of Administration emerging from conditions outside our sensible control.

Liability For Breach

You will be obligated for any misfortune or harm endured by the Organization as well as its clients because of:

  • your breach of these Terms of Administration or any understanding you have gone into in accordance with the Site’s administrations;
  • your false utilization of the Site; and
  • your provision of incorrect, false or fake information.

Intellectual Property Rights

The structure, trademarks, administration imprints, and logos of the Site (“Imprints”), are possessed by or authorized to the Organization, subject to copyright and other licensed innovation rights under the laws of the Philippines, outside laws and global shows. You may not utilize, duplicate, or disperse of any of the Imprints found on the Site except if generally explicitly allowed.

Changes To Terms Of Service

The Organization maintains whatever authority is needed to make changes to these Terms of Administration (“Refreshed Terms”) whenever. Except if the adjustments in the Terms of Administration are for legitimate or managerial reasons, the Organization will give sensible notification ahead of time before the Updated Terms become operational by posting the Updates Terms on the website.

Your utilization of the Site after the successful date of the Updated Terms establishes your consent to the Updated Terms. You should audit these Terms of Administration and any Updated Terms before utilizing the Site.


  • if any arrangement of these Terms of Administration is esteemed by any skillful specialist to be unenforceable or invalid, the significant arrangement will be altered to enable it to be authorized in accordance with the goal of the first content to the furthest reaches allowed by pertinent law. The legitimacy and enforceability of the rest of the arrangements of these Terms of Administration will not be influenced.
  • You concur that all archives or notification might be conveyed to you electronically; through your email address given upon enrollment. Likewise, you perceive and recognize that it is your sole obligation to refresh the Organization with your present email address and the Organization will not be subject for any case of misfortune or harm for inability to get takes note.
  • Subject to appropriate law, all disclaimers, reimbursements and prohibitions in these Terms of Administration will endure end of this understanding.
  • No single or fractional exercise, or disappointment or deferral in practicing any right, power or cure by us will establish a waiver by us of, or debilitate or block any further exercise of, that or any right, power or cure emerging under these terms and conditions or something else.
  • Except if explicitly concurred recorded as a hard copy generally, these Terms of Administration set out the whole understanding among you and us concerning your utilization of the Site and overrides any portrayals, interchanges and earlier understandings (composed or oral) made by you or us.
  • These Terms of Administration are represented by, and translated as per the Philippine law. All issues, cases or debates emerging out of or regarding these Terms of Administration, will be submit to the select ward of the courts of the City of Makati.

Lender Authorization

By agreeing to these Terms of Administration, you comprehend that you accept the danger of non-payment. To alleviate this hazard, the Organization may, to the degree conceivable, appoint any credit that is in default under the appropriate advance record, a Non-Performing Loan (hereinafter “NPL”), to an outsider, for each situation attempting that you will get the unpaid head, intrigue, and punishments which you are qualified for get under the terms and states of the Advance.

As per the abovementioned, you therefore approve and assign the Organization, as your approved agent and lawyer in-truth to allocate, sell, or generally arrange/dole out the NPL to an outsider, upon earlier take note. The Organization will advise you, by means of email of such task and will credit the unpaid principal, interest, and fines to your account on record.


I affirm having perused and comprehended and consent to the previous Terms of Administration. By accepting this Terms of Administration and the Privacy Policy, you imply your express assent as per Republic Act No. 10173, generally alluded to as the Data Privacy of 2012 and its Actualizing Guidelines and Procedures just as other material classification and information protection laws of the Philippines. You consent to hold the Organization, its officials, executives and investors, free and innocuous from any liabilities, harms, activities, claims, and suits regarding the usage or preparing of Individual Data in connection to your assent or approval under these Terms of Administration.